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  • Elaena's Review for CALEB

    Just want to let you know that I have finished Caleb & enjoyed his story best of all! As always the pages became the woods, the town, the people. I love your style, it's perfect for me & I will tell my friends as I did before to read this book too.

    Elaena Plumitallo

  • Review for CALEB by Reader Sandra Carroll

    I thought CALEB was an amazing & touching story. I felt I was there along with the characters. I truly enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. I felt every emotion reading this book--sadness, happiness, I laughed and cried. It has been a while since I read a book that got & held my attention. Many times I just couldn’t wait to get that moment to read and find out what happened. I hated for the book to end and await the next. I had grown attached to Caleb, Prudy, Smokey and Lula. It took me back in time and I truly enjoyed every second. The history itself amazed me, even the home made remedies. I remember my grandmother using and talking about many of them. CALEB is a book that I would recommend. It was an experience that I will never forget.


    ECHOES IN THE DARK was rated as "You Gotta Read." To read this review, please click here.


    "D.L. Rogers has written another great story. The horror of war is not an easy subject but Adam’s story is similar to what many women and men go through every day fighting for our freedoms. The book is a pleasure to read, even with the tough subject matter. It flows smoothly and introduces you to wonderful characters along the way. Go, grab a copy and read Adam’s story today. You will not be sorry you did." Matilda Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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  • "Tales of life on the Missouri Frontier"

    To read the article highlighting D.L. Rogers and her White Oaks Trilogy titled "Tales of life on the Missouri Frontier" by Frank Haight at The Examiner, please click here.


    THE JOURNEY is a great tale of three women’s journey through a tough spot in their lives. Each needs to accomplish the journey in her own way. So pack your suitcases for a fund loving tromp through the most spectacular places Europe has to offer. Do not forget to grab THE JOURNEY for your reading pleasure during your trip!” Matilda of Coffee Time Romance

  • "Ghost Dancers"

    "I must say kudos to Ms. Rogers. I have had the privilege of reading all three books in this series. She has taken historical events and exceptional characters and combined them giving a three dimensional look at a rough period in our history that was not just right or wrong, but person against person. George and Maggie's story is just as captivating as the two couples that came before." Reviewed by Matilda of Coffee Time Romance, 4 CUPS "Ghost Dancers is a remarkable story. I was amazed by the character of George. His emotions are deep and really touched upon this reader. He wants to do more for people but his hands are tied. His actions are genuine and come alive in this story. There were times I felt his trepidation. I love Maggie and her strong backbone to survive in a harsh land. Diana Rogers pens an extraordinary tale of hardships, prejudice, wars, and finding love, during a time when the world showed very little for mankind. This excellent story comes highly recommended." Reviewed by Cherokee of Coffee Time Romance Reviews

  • "Brother's by Blood"

    "I felt Brothers By Blood was a very well done book. Blue's character had depth and felt real. The conflicts portrayed, both internal and external, were compelling...the author did an excellent job of showing all types of personalities with regard to the whites and Lakota. I also enjoyed the historical setting and learning about the rituals of the Lakota. Being the second book in the trilogy, I will go back and read the first and am hoping to review the next. Thank you D.L. Rogers for such a great story." Reviewed by Vee of Night Owl Romance Reviews, 4.75 (out of 5) HEARTS "This is the second book in the trilogy by D. L. Rogers. Blue's story has strong characters that show both sides of the conflict, making it hard to choose who is right or wrong, but that both sides are fighting for the same thing just in different ways. It is just as captivating as the first." Reviewed by Matilda of Coffee Time Romance, 4 CUPS

  • "Tomorrow's Promise: Survival on the Plains"

    "This story is very heavy, but beautifully written. The author D.L. Rogers has definitely done her history research. As an absolute history buff, and my husband a southern boy, completely interested in the Civil War, we have thoroughly studied this War, and its reasons for occurring, Ms. Rogers is right-on in her research. Being a first generation American, and growing up on the west coast, the Civil War was not in much of my education, but Ms. Rogers has beautifully and accurately done her research intricately weaving it throughout this entire story. It is unconscionable to me what people do to each other in times of war, the Civil War included. The experiences that Ben and Sarah face, the people they come against whether Indians or soldiers, and the horrible things one group of people did to another group all because they thought their side was right is so sad, and vividly depicted in this story. This a lovely story, good triumphs over numerous evils, but ends up very strong in the end. If you love American history, this story is a must read!!"