I've got lots of news to share, so I hope you'll read all the way to the end of the home page to get it all!   

CROSSFIRE IN THE STREET: Lone Jack 1862 is FINISHED!!  I've sent it off to my historical experts to make sure all the history contained is correct.  After I get it back from them I will send it to my (new) editor who will review it for (writing) content (i.e. POV, author intrusion, etc.), as well as Claudia, who has been editing for me for lots of years, who will do the line editing (punctuation, spelling, etc.).  Once back from all those folks, I will make the changes suggested and, hopefully, it'll be ready for publication by the end of June.  I think (right now) the first part of June is unrealistic because I want this book to be historically accurate, along with all other aspects of the book to be accurate and that takes time.  For me, correct is better than a few weeks late.  :D  I'll make the announcement when it's available here, on my Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/dlrogersbooks and in my bi-monthly newsletter.  If you don't get my newsletter, email me at: dlrogers2@peoplepc.com if you'd like to get on the list so you can receive all the announcements and latest news.  Below is the final cover for CROSSFIRE.  Glen did a great job, yet again!  Thanks, Glen.

The audio book for ELIZABETH'S WAR: Missouri 1863 is ALSO COMPLETE!  The final review is done and has been submitted to ACX (Amazon), so as soon as it is approved by them, it will be available for download.  Keep a lookout - when it's available I'll post the link here!

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Click on the REVIEWS tab to check out a review from Linda Barta at the Lone Jack Historical Society on ELIZABETH'S WAR: Missouri 1863.

If you're a fan of THE WHITE OAKS SERIES and THE OLD COOTS TRILOGY and are ready for the last book in both the Series AND the Trilogy, THE OLD COOTS: Blue, Gray and Gold is now available in print AND Ebook form at my author page at Amazon at the above link.  

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