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I've entered a contest -  The "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" and, if you're of a mind, I'd love it if you'd check out my essay and vote.  Here's  more information on it, as well as the links to view the essay and vote.

What is the "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" contest all about?

It's the "People's Choice Writers Award"
While most awards programs hand out awards for books, we believe it is the ARTIST behind the book who should be the focus of the award. Most authors overcome tremendous challenges and work very hard to bring their work to market. We look for the 'story behind the story'.

Let's use the analogy of the mother of all contests -  The Oscars -  where some awards are for best movies, others are for best actors/actresses.  Using this analogy, our contest is like giving the Oscar for best actor/actress, not for best movie. Here this means best AUTHOR, not best BOOK. 
 The contest is about the author behind the book(s), which is why we ask participants to write an essay about their writing journey/career, their expectations as authors, a summary of their body of work and basic information about their books. The public at large is then invited to read these essays and decide whom to vote for.

Why Is This Important?
Authors must build long-term platforms to create ongoing sales and achieve success. People buy books because of the personality BEHIND the work. A great book has very little long-term market value if the author remains relatively anonymous. It is for these reasons our contest focuses sharply on the real story and the personality behind the book.

Award contests must be viewed as being a marketing tool that should be an integral part of the marketing strategies designed by all authors.  It takes time to win awards, and the more awards authors win the more recognition for their work they stand to receive, and that helps sell books.

Here's a breakdown, date-wise, of the contest.  The links to vote follow.  Thanks in advance for your support!


July 5 to September 30
Contest registration
July 5 to October 31
Voting phase 1
By November  5
Finalists are announced
November 5  to December 3
Voting phase 2
By December 10
Winners are announced
By January 31, 2018
Book is published and available for purchase
Here are the links to view my essay submission as well as to vote.  Thanks!