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THE OLD COOTS:  Sam is done and available at Amazon.com.  I'll have hard copies in mid-May, but they can be purchased now at Amazon.  Sam's gone from Tennessee as a young man to Missouri, has fought at the Battle of Pea Ridge, had several encounters with raiders from both sides of the border, and is now on his way back to Tennessee where he'll join up with the 14th Tennessee Volunteers and wind up fighting at Gettysburg.  Why did I take him back to Tennessee and end of up at Gettysburg?  Well, sometimes I have no choice.  I set Sam up in MAGGIE several years ago, with no intention of doing a book on Sam OR Tom, but now I've headed down that road and have to follow true to my path.  It's always an interesting path, though, and I'm anxious to see where Sam takes me!  So stay tuned and look for THE OLD COOTS: Sam at my event at GOOD OLE DAYS in Fort Scott, Kansas on June 6th (unconfirmed, as yet) or at POPLAR HEIGHTS FARM on June 14th and 15th in Butler, MO, all day both days.  This year they're having a Civil War theme, which, of course, falls right into my storylines and should be LOTS of fun! 

I have a special thanks for Brian Payne of the 14th Tennessee Volunteers who helped me a great deal with getting Sam from Clarksville to Guiney's Station to enlist with the 14th Tennessee. 

 ***(Please bear with me while THE OLD COOTS: Sam book page is added to my website.  It should be up soon, so if you check in and it isn't here, please try again in a day or two.  Thank you so much.)



Check out my latest review for AMY at Amazon by  Kathleen Robbins, a reader I met in Clinton this past July:

She gave it 4.0 out of 5 stars: I would recommend these books to anyone that enjoys history, August 18, 2014
This review is from: Amy (The White Oaks Series Book 3) (Kindle Edition)
I have read the whole series. They are very well written and the characters are very well described as well as depicted. I would recommend these books to anyone that enjoys history.
Thanks Kathleen!

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  • Elizabeth's WAR Missouri 1863

    Elizabeth's WAR Missouri 1863In a time when raiders, bushwhackers, and Redlegs rode the Cass County, Missouri, countryside bringing fear and destruction with them, Elizabeth Miers and her family barely survived into the next day. When the enemy, in the form of Elizabeth’s neighbors, comes a-calling more than once with mischief on their minds, Elizabeth fights back to keep her children safe against men she once called friends.

    On August 25, 1863, following the issuance of General Order No. 11 by Union General Thomas Ewing, thousands of women, children, and the elderly were forced to vacate their homes in the brutal summer heat within fifteen days. With determination and a plan, Elizabeth sets out on a sixty-mile trek toward St. Clair County. Carrying enough prepared food and water on a rickety built sled to reach her aunt and uncle’s farm, she prays her kin are there to welcome them, not knowing whether they lived through the burning of Osceola two years prior—or not.

    Facing more than just the lack of food and shelter and the unbearable heat, they’re set upon by raiders and foraging soldiers who try to take more than just their meager provisions. Much more. Left with little after their supplies are stolen and their property destroyed, Elizabeth and her fellow travelers continue south, facing more indignities before their journey is done.

    Through Elizabeth and the thousands of other refugees that traveled ahead of and behind her, feel what they felt in the wake of General Order No. 11, an order that took everything and left them destitute and afraid they wouldn’t live to see one more day.

    Read the complete first chapter here.