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  • Review for THE OLD COOTS: Sam by Brian Payne, Re-Enactor for the 14th Tennessee Volunteers

    My name is Brian Payne, and I’ve been a “War of Northern Aggression” reenactor for 16 years now as a Member of the 14th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, as well as an artillery Battery commander with Parker’s Virginia Battery. I am the administrator for both the 14th Tennessee and Parker’s Battery Facebook pages. Several months ago, I was contacted on the 14th Tennessee’s Facebook page by D.L. Rogers asking for information on the 14th . She explained that she was researching the 14th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry so as to include the Unit in a new book she was writing. I could tell from our initial FB conversation, as well as our telephone conversations that came later, that she was really committed to being as factual as possible in the chapters of her book that deals with the 14th. Over the years we (as 1 of only 2 reenactor groups in the country that portray the 14th Tennessee) have been asked for assistance with many projects, in both film and books, and we are always very careful about what we agree to be associated with due to our fierce loyalty and devotion to those men we honor, and how they will appear in these projects once they are completed. I felt from the very beginning of my association with Diane that she was absolutely committed to accurately portraying these men as they really were. I was honored to assist her throughout the process by giving advice and some historically accurate facts concerning the 14th from 1862 Winter camp, through the Battle of Gettysburg, and to a smaller extent, to the end of the War. After completing the book, she asked me to review it and give her my thoughts. She graciously sent me an autographed copy to read, and I must say, I had a real problem putting the book down once I started to read. The main character joins the 14th Tennessee in time to fight at the Battle of Gettysburg, and she does a terrific job in describing the destructive and deadly carnage that these men had to endure near that small Pennsylvania town in July of 1863. I must say not only did I enjoy the chapters covering Sam’s experiences in the 14th, but I found the entire book captivating in the sense that the reader feels as though he/she is actually there experiencing all the things that Sam is going through. I am so glad she contacted me and asked for assistance in this project, and after seeing the finished product, I’m proud to be associated with it in a very small way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has found true love during life’s journey, still enjoys reading a book that is hard to put down once started, and would like to take a trip back to the 1860’s to a simpler, and terrible, time in the history of this great country!

  • Review for THE OLD COOTS: Sam by Shirley Parsons

    Review of THE OLD COOTS: Sam by Shirley Parsons DL Rogers has done an outstanding job of taking us into the heart of the South during the Civil War era and right into the misery inflicted upon peoples both North and South by its years of conflict; conflict between states, between family and between friends. Ms. Rogers follows the life of Mr. Sam Whitmore, his family, his marriage to Ellie, his children and his relationship with former slaves, Horace and Jefferson. Sam’s initial struggle was with his conscience in that he could not support the idea of slavery and wanted to separate himself from it and from those who supported it. He meets Ellie who embraces Sam’s desire to break from the traditional role of plantation owner and work his own land right alongside Horace and Jefferson, who Sam freed. As the war broke out, Sam was forced into the conflict in every way possible. Sam suffered unspeakable tragedies, loss of family and friends, loss of his home, but the thing that keeps you drawn to this book is how Sam overcame the physical and emotional conflicts as a Southerner drawn into a war he does not support. Sam’s sole desire was to protect his family, his friends and his home. Sam’s integrity and his humanity shine through in every chapter. Sam travels from Tennessee to Missouri, back to Tennessee then on to Virginia and into the heart of the war. Sam joins forces with a number of colorful characters as they embark on a perilous journey both to dodge Northern forces and conscription by Southern forces on their way to join the 14th Tennessee Volunteers to fight for the South under General Lee. To avoid giving too much away, you will be drawn into this book and Sam’s life from the first to the last page. An excellent read!

  • Arlena Parsons' Review for THE WHITE OAKS SERIES

    Dear Ms. Rogers, I’ve never read a book before that drew me into its happenings like your books have. I felt like I was in the scenes with the characters from the beginning to the very last book. Each book had a way of working you right into each adventure. I just couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Thank you for a very wonderful read. Arlena Parsons (86 years old)

  • Reviews for Original Trilogy (TOMORROW'S PROMISE / BROTHERS BY BLOOD / and GHOST DANCERS)

    Reviews for TOMORROW’S PROMISE: Survival on the Plains By Diane (D.L.) Rogers "This story is very heavy, but beautifully written. The author D.L. Rogers has definitely done her history research. As an absolute history buff, and my husband a southern boy, completely interested in the Civil War, we have thoroughly studied this War, and its reasons for occurring, Ms. Rogers is right-on in her research. Being a first generation American, and growing up on the west coast, the Civil War was not in much of my education, but Ms. Rogers has beautifully and accurately done her research intricately weaving it throughout this entire story. It is unconscionable to me what people do to each other in times of war, the Civil War included. The experiences that Ben and Sarah face, the people they come against whether Indians or soldiers, and the horrible things one group of people did to another group all because they thought their side was right is so sad, and vividly depicted in this story. This a lovely story, good triumphs over numerous evils, but ends up very strong in the end. If you love American history, this story is a must read!!" Reviewed by Desiree of Enchanting Reviews, 4 ENCHANTMENTS

  • Steve Foster Review for AMY

    Diane, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Amy, the book I bought last August. My son, Steve Jr., who is a coach for the KC Royals, and I were at the Lone Jack Memorial on August 20, 2011 and I so enjoyed meeting you and discussing your books. Amy was a fascinating read and I look forward to starting the series you have completed. I will be ordering your first book soon and hope we meet again one day. Your friend and fan, Steve Foster Sr.

  • Review for MAGGIE by Reader Elaena

    Just want you to know how much I enjoyed reading Maggie! You really know her & made it easy for me to know her, the surroundings, the politics. I'm starting Amy again, since I was interrupted the first time. I love learning about the past by reading your books & feeling as though I were right there too. The series is wonderful & as soon as I can I hope to read them all again. The characters have become like my relatives.

  • Review for Maggie by Reader Sandra Carroll

    I had to write to you about my adventure reading MAGGIE. This a must read book. I must say, as always, I truly enjoyed this adventure, like I did in your other books. I just plain didn’t want the story to end! You make reading even more enjoyable and I appreciate that. A gift truly given by God.

  • Review for MAGGIE by Reader Katie Willis

    Hello Diane, I was at the Poplar Heights event earlier this weekend and my family and I purchased your White Oaks set. I purchased Maggie, and I have to tell you that I have not been able to put it down! I'm already a 3rd of the way through the story, and I have not been captivated with a story like this in quite a long time. I'm also a Masters of Social Work student finishing up my last year of the program, and I feel like it was almost fate coming across this story. Of course, this book is running me into a little trouble in that I'm finding myself more wrapped up in this book versus some of my assigned readings for summer classes! Needless to say, I am very appreciative of this book, and I can't wait to read the others in the series once our little family "book club" gets circulating. Keep up the great work, it is definitely appreciated!

  • Review for Caleb by Reader Alethea Gray - Wonderful Story!

    This book is full of love, life and adventure, What I enjoyed and appreciated the most was being able to envision Caleb's relationship with Prudy and Smokey. With Prudy I was able to envision what it felt like to be in love as an African American woman during this era. His relationship with Smokey was endearing and heartfelt. This child really needed a strong father figure and Caleb was right on time with providing the love and attention he needed. I also enjoyed reading how Caleb gained the respect of Avery, Kelly and the other men he worked closely with.

  • AMY Review by Esther Arlene Gilland

    This review for AMY was written (in her own words) by a colleague's mother, who has read the first three books of THE WHITE OAKS SERIES. "I immensely enjoyed Amy because it reminded me of when I was a kid, especially the last part about the Indians. As a child, I lived in the Nation in northern Missouri with the Indians. I am glad that Amy finally married the half breed because they loved each other.