The Importance of Perseverance...

The Importance of Perseverance:

Everyone knows that feeling--you've tried and tried and tried, and STILL you feel like you haven't "made" it.  You're wrung out, tired, and it seems like you've been spinning your wheels for twenty years.  Then it happens, you meet someone (or several someones) who change your mind.  They put everything you're doing (and have done) into perspective.  They make the "measure" of what you've accomplished more important than what you feel you still need to achieve, and everything falls back into place.

As a writer, of course I want to be known by the masses.  What writer doesn't want their words and stories to be quoted or talked about at book clubs or at the office? that really the measure of whether you've succeeded as a writer?  I say an emphatic NO!  Especially not if you have the great readers I do.  I'm happy to say that I have great readers who, when I see them at my events, aren't shy about letting me know how they feel about my books and, again I'm happy to say, so far, it's all been positive.  They reinforce that feeling of "I AM a success!"  Even though that success is on a smaller scale, I've reached thousands of people who enjoy what I write, who can't wait for next year's new book, who tell me they wish I could write faster.  Me too!!  Don't I wish I could be doing this all the time, but alas, I still have a few more years to work before I can cross THAT bridge.  :D 

One of the biggest joys of being a writer is hearing from your readers.  Connecting with them, learning about them and they about me.  Some people think the authors of the books they've purchased shouldn't be bothered -- not true here!!!  I love hearing from you, my readers, my "followers," and those who just want to say HI!  So don't be shy.  Shoot me an email, respond to my weekly Facebook page, just let me know you're out there.

Part of persevering is having that little push to keep you going.  You, my readers ARE that push.  Nothing gets me going more than hearing a reader tell me how much they enjoyed my books and their asking "when is the next one coming out?" 

What is perseverence?  For me, it's keeping keeping on.  What fuels me?  You do.  So thanks for all the kind words you have for me when we meet, because again, without my readers, there'd be no reason FOR me to keep on keeping on.


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