Being one of the "older generation" I'm the first to admit I have difficulty accepting change.  It seems throughout my entire career as an administrative assistant I no sooner got things figured out, than everything changed again.  It was the bane of my existence!  Now I'm in the midst of major changes once again.  I was forced to accept a completely different role in my full-time job and went kicking and screaming into it, but have happily found the change is nothing like what I expected and is, in fact, quite nice.  I thought this was going to be HUGE and horrible, but as it's turned out, it's been great.  I guess what I'm trying to say is if things are changing in your world "give it a chance."  No matter how much you think things will be different, it may be for the better.  I now have less stress, meet a lot more people, and do things I've never done before.

I've learned with my books, as well, that the world of publishing is ever-changing.  When I first started this adventure there was no internet and no email--only snail mail and high hopes.  It meant creating your own research library or spending lots of time AT the library.  If you sent out a query letter and got it back within three weeks, you were doing well, even if it WAS a rejection.  At least you knew!   And to self-publish!  It was unheard of if you were to be considered a "real" author, so we kept on keeping on, sending queries by snail mail, waiting and hoping sometimes six months before we heard anything in response.   Today change is a constant and as a writer I have to change with it, albeit I sometimes go kicking and screaming into it, too.  But eventually I come around.  Just like with this blog, only until I was forced to really take part in a blog interview with another author, did I figure it out and embrace it.  Initially, to figure out my Sunday posts on Facebook took a huge leap, even though I thoroughly enjoy it now. 

So if you're in the middle of changes in your life, keep an open mind.  Try and grasp the positives, because there's almost always at least one.  Grab it and run with it.  You'll be happier in the long run.  I am. 

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