Review for Caleb by Reader Alethea Gray - Wonderful Story!

This book is full of love, life and adventure, What I enjoyed and appreciated the most was being able to envision Caleb's relationship with Prudy and Smokey. With Prudy I was able to envision what it felt like to be in love as an African American woman during this era. His relationship with Smokey was endearing and heartfelt. This child really needed a strong father figure and Caleb was right on time with providing the love and attention he needed. I also enjoyed reading how Caleb gained the respect of Avery, Kelly and the other men he worked closely with.

African American's lived, fought and died supporting their families during this time, I really appreciated being able to envision Caleb not just being free from slavery but actually being able to live, love and enjoy his family and new found friendships as a free man. I could actually feel Caleb's emotions while reading every page.

Thank you Diane for an excellent trip back in time! I thoroughly enjoyed this book!!

Aletha Gray