"Tomorrow's Promise: Survival on the Plains"

"This story is very heavy, but beautifully written. The author D.L. Rogers has definitely done her history research. As an absolute history buff, and my husband a southern boy, completely interested in the Civil War, we have thoroughly studied this War, and its reasons for occurring, Ms. Rogers is right-on in her research. Being a first generation American, and growing up on the west coast, the Civil War was not in much of my education, but Ms. Rogers has beautifully and accurately done her research intricately weaving it throughout this entire story. It is unconscionable to me what people do to each other in times of war, the Civil War included. The experiences that Ben and Sarah face, the people they come against whether Indians or soldiers, and the horrible things one group of people did to another group all because they thought their side was right is so sad, and vividly depicted in this story. This a lovely story, good triumphs over numerous evils, but ends up very strong in the end. If you love American history, this story is a must read!!"

"What a wonderful story of life with its trials and tribulations. Life at this time was hard for everyone. Ben and Sarah are strong people and a powerhouse couple. Emma and Caleb are also huge part of this story. Tomorrows Promise is captivating and never without action flowing thru the pages. This is the first of a trilogy by Ms. Rogers and this reader is anxiously awaiting the next book.”