Review for Maggie by Reader Sandra Carroll

I had to write to you about my adventure reading MAGGIE. This a must read book. I must say, as always, I truly enjoyed this adventure, like I did in your other books. I just plain didn’t want the story to end! You make reading even more enjoyable and I appreciate that. A gift truly given by God.

From the beginning of MAGGIE, I felt I was right there with her. From her traveling across the country to speak for womens’ rights, to returning to the Lazy D, to her being the first woman reporter for the Cheyenne Sun, to her final travels at the Standing Rock Agency. Diane gives every detail that could be given. Each and every character made the story even more interesting. From Mr. Paul Thorton (the villain) to her traveling companions Tom and Sam, to Daniel Boone May and Sitting Bull just to name a few.

I had so many favorite parts that I could go on and on, But I don't want to give the story away—it’s a read for yourself book. It is a book that is heartfelt and filled with lots of history. I was asked the question, "Which was my favorite out of those you’ve written?” Let’s just say t was an unfair question because I enjoyed each and every one of them!

I'm excited to see what Diane has in store next, waiting for my next great adventure. Never stop using the gift from above. Be encouraged and keep striving, because one day you are going to be on the big screens. God Bless.