"Ghost Dancers"

"I must say kudos to Ms. Rogers. I have had the privilege of reading all three books in this series. She has taken historical events and exceptional characters and combined them giving a three dimensional look at a rough period in our history that was not just right or wrong, but person against person. George and Maggie's story is just as captivating as the two couples that came before." Reviewed by Matilda of Coffee Time Romance, 4 CUPS "Ghost Dancers is a remarkable story. I was amazed by the character of George. His emotions are deep and really touched upon this reader. He wants to do more for people but his hands are tied. His actions are genuine and come alive in this story. There were times I felt his trepidation. I love Maggie and her strong backbone to survive in a harsh land. Diana Rogers pens an extraordinary tale of hardships, prejudice, wars, and finding love, during a time when the world showed very little for mankind. This excellent story comes highly recommended." Reviewed by Cherokee of Coffee Time Romance Reviews

"I believe that readers who have any empathy for the plight of the Indians at this time will find this book a very enjoyable read given its unique twist." Reviewed by William S. Lyon (co-author of Black Elk The Sacred Ways of a Lakota, with Wallace Black Elk. (Published by Harper Collins)

"A rare book in that this book appeals to both Indian and non-Indian cultures alike, this book gets a 'Thumbs Up!' from me!" Reviewed by M. Round, Educator

"Diane has written a book that is awe-inspiring. The story will keep you mesmerized, the characters will become your friends and enemies, and you will have a profound respect for Diane and her ability to make this book come alive." Reviewed by K. Jones, Legal Assistant

"I bought your book at the Indian Art Fair and wanted you to know I enjoyed it immensely. I couldn't put it down. Thank you for taking me on a "trip back in time." Reviewed by T. Keyes, a satisfied reader