Echos In The Dark

Echos In The DarkThe day Adam Weber met Belinda Hawthorne was the day his life began—and the day his life spiraled toward Vietnam. From the moment he stepped off the plane in Da Nang, Adam knew his life would never be the same. He wanted only to survive his tour and return to Belinda to start his life with her. He learned quickly the harsh country he’d been thrust into—the frailty of life and reality of death. Returning home from Khe Sanh, in his words as “only half a man,” Adam must begin to rebuild his life, while dealing with such issues as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, alcoholism, Survivor’s Guilt, anger, and finally, how to forgive the parents who, in essence, sent him to Southeast Asia.

Come with Adam and Belinda, and Alice and Owen as they live through the years of the Vietnam War in their struggles to survive while learning that love can blossom and rekindle no matter how much the world tries to tear it apart.

To read an excerpt from Echoes In the Dark, click here.

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