Although BEGINNINGS: Into the Unknown, is the last book in THE WHITE OAKS SERIES, it is really the beginning.  A prequel to the existing series, BEGINNINGS takes the reader back to the opening of Independence and Westport and brings the hardships the early pioneers faced to the fore. Beginning with a frightening steamboat trip up the Missouri, BEGINNINGS depicts how weather played such an important role in the every day lives of those settlers.  Experience a "star shower," the loss of a loved one, the Great Flood of 1844, both the Mexican-American War and pre-Civil War, and not one, but two cholera epidemics, to name a few of the hardships early settlers faced.  BEGINNINGS follows Jonathan and Emma Carter as they meet those challenges head-on to gain their fortune in the booming town of Independence and make their dreams come true.

Read the complete first chapter here.


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